A Different Kind of Law Firm

I started this firm, after practicing as a business lawyer in large and smaller firms for 20 years, to address what I came to see as a glaring inefficiency in the legal services market.

The Problem

Over the course of my career as a lawyer, the technology tools I use to do my job have become ever more available, powerful and affordable. Simultaneously, and in part because of those technological advances, the information resources that lawyers generate and share have become ubiquitous. It is easier than ever before for lawyers to share ideas, content and know-how. It stands to reason, then, that the cost of providing sophisticated legal services to emerging companies should have decreased proportionally.

But if you are an entrepreneur, or operate a business venture and use legal resources, or have recently bought or sold a business, you know that, in fact, the opposite has occurred. The cost of high-quality legal services keeps rising. The traditional law firm business model has, for the most part, simply failed to leverage the opportunities offered by these changing circumstances.

Meanwhile, some lawyers within traditional law firms want to pursue work in the startup space, and firms, ostensibly at least, recognize that early-stage ventures constitute a pipeline for profitable corporate work. So, they cobble together gimmicks like "engage us now, pay later" or "use our free information to start your company," which work about as well as you'd guess.

Our Solution

At the O'Connor Law Office, we provide comprehensive, affordable legal counsel to entrepreneurs involved in starting, running, or selling a business. We work with the most innovative creators and problem solvers around, helping them identify risks and leverage opportunities as they turn their ideas and products into successful companies. We work with new and established businesses, from sole proprietorships to corporations that conduct business internationally. And we are committed to providing a competitive, dependable value proposition to every one of our clients.

Our mission is not just to successfully complete transactions, but to serve as a strategic partner toward our clients' growth and success. By getting to know our clients, their work, goals, and needs, we cultivate ongoing relationships. Taking the long view helps us strategize with our clients to meet their current needs as well as their future aspirations.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our services, and to contact us at (617) 352-1230 or by e-mail at goconnor@gpoconnorlaw.com. We look forward to working with you.