Why Clients Choose O'Connor Law Office

This practice was founded to address a specific problem in the field of legal services: the inefficient market between the sophisticated business law services offered by large, traditional firms, and the resources available to entrepreneurs operating smaller and emerging companies. Symptoms of this problem include:

  • paying too much for legal work, especially routine matters
  • uncertainty as to cost when getting into a deal or a project
  • specialized needs are automatically sent to other lawyers in the firm, even when the individual lawyer might not be the best fit

In contrast, we aim to provide the services that we're best at, at a predictable and reasonable cost, and for other needs, find exactly the right person or team to help our clients from among the many specialists with whom we have relationships. So in choosing to work with us, clients are opting in to our extended network ofservice providers.

Why do entrepreneurs and businesses choose to work with us? Here are a few of the reasons clients have shared:


Value is about more than cost; it's about getting the best quality for the most reasonable price. We offer the depth and breadth of experience usually associated with larger law firms, while our smaller footprint and technology-based practice structure allows us to offer our clients more favorable rates, either by the hour or by the project. And, when an issue requiring specialized expertise arises, such as business immigration, employment and other disputes or international issues, we can find the right person for the job without worrying about "keeping the work in-house."


Jerry O'Connor has worked on complex legal issues for over 25 years. He has experience in the issues that confront entrepreneurs in industries ranging from software and SaaS to financial services, medical device, pharma, robotics, renewable energy, and professional services.


For many of our clients, it's impractical to hire in-house counsel, yet their businesses are at a stage where legal issues arise regularly and ready access to counsel is essential. We offer the knowledge, team approach and responsiveness of in-house counsel, without the overhead and expense. We can craft a solution for your business that provides you with the time and attention your venture needs, at a predictable price. We respond quickly to our clients' issues and questions because we know that our clients' business opportunities and problems can't wait.

Contact O'Connor Law Office at goconnor@gpoconnorlaw.com.